What Does It Mean When a House Gets Condemned?

A condemned house is a building that was declared unlivable by the government. That means that this type of house is not deemed fit for living. Once a house receives a condemned status, no one is allowed to live in it. If there are currently occupants in a condemned house, they are forced to move out, and they can return only after the required renovations and repairs are done. The good news is that most condemned houses can be fixed, and if a homeowner has enough money, fixing a condemned property is pretty easy.

What Are the Main Reasons for a House to Get Condemned?

  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Serious structural damage as a result of weather catastrophes
  • Extensive termite damage
  • Unsafe materials used in building the house
  • Black mold that is considered dangerous to human health
  • Infrastructure failure
  • The absence of important utilities such as electricity or water
  • Lack of air conditioning or heat

What Happens If a House Gets Condemned?

Usually, the government seizes the condemned property, and its occupants are forced to move out immediately. Then, special signs are placed around the home informing others that the property is condemned. 

After that, the government orders the homeowners to make the necessary repairs in order to make the house livable again. If they refuse or if the house is in very poor condition, the government may force the homeowners to demolish the building at their own expense. 

Condemned houses are dangerous not only to homeowners but also to neighborhoods in general because they attract vandals, trespassers, and squatters. If these unwelcome visitors invade a property, it is almost impossible to get it back into shape. 

Is It Possible to Sell a Condemned House?

If you are the owner of a condemned property, there are two options that you can consider:

  • Make your home livable before selling it. This means that you will have to make all the repairs and renovations and pass a home inspection. If a home inspector confirms that the house is in proper condition, then the homeowner will receive a new Certificate of Occupancy confirming that the house is livable again and can be occupied. Only after receiving this certificate, can you list your home and start showing it to potential buyers. However, as experience has shown, it is not the easiest method because there is usually a limited amount of time to make all the repairs before you completely lose control over your condemned property. 
  • Sell it to a cash buyer. There are many cash buyers or home investment companies that are ready to purchase your property for cash. They buy all types of properties in any condition, including condemned homes. The best thing about this option is that you do not have to invest money in repairs and renovations because cash buyers purchase properties as is. They buy them in their current condition in order to make repairs and then resell these properties at a higher price. 

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