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Welcome to Our Site

Welcome to Terra Home Solutions

At Terra Home Solutions, we help Houston homeowners sell their homes quickly and easily. Whether you’re going through a tough financial situation, are worried about foreclosure, have had trouble selling your property, or need to move for other reasons, we’re here to help.

We care deeply about our community and those who live in it. We’re here to guide you through the process of selling your home with integrity, transparency, respect, and open communication.

We Can Buy Your House No Matter Your Situation

Sometimes, you just need to sell your house fast. If you go through the traditional real estate process, that’s not always easy to do. However, when you work with us, we can take your house off your hands no matter its condition and no matter your situation. Are you facing foreclosure? Does your house need extensive repairs? Do you need to move quickly? No matter what, we can offer you a fast cash offer for your house.

Any Reason

  • Relocating
  • Probate
  • Tax Lien
  • Inherited Home
  • Upgrading
  • Downsizing
  • Health Issues
  • Title Issues

Any Condition

  • Vacant Home
  • Mold
  • Hoarder Home
  • Inherited Home
  • Divorce
  • Fire Damage
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Storm Damage

Any Challenge

  • Job Loss
  • Expired Listing
  • Bankruptcy
  • Behind On Payments
  • Foreclosure
  • Problems With Tenants
  • Job Transfer
  • Code Violations

How It Works

Interested in selling your home in the Houston, Texas, area for cash? Here’s how it works:

How It Works
Contact us with the house you need to sell

We’re ready to buy your house, no matter what condition it’s in. Whether your home is new or needs extensive repairs, we’re interested.

Step 1
How It Works
We will meet with you to see your property

We’ll visit your home to evaluate its condition and other factors that affect its value. With that information, we’ll build your fair cash offer.

Step 2
How It Works
Sell immediately or when you are ready

If you agree to our offer, we can close the sale immediately or at a time that works for you.

Step 3
Sell Your House Fast in Houston, TX!

If you need to sell your Houston house fast, our team is ready to make that happen. Submit your information now and get a no-obligation, fair cash offer within 24 hours. We can close on your sale within days, and you can get the cash you need quickly.

We Make It Easy

Selling your house should be easy, and we’re here to make sure it is. When you show us your home, you’re never obligated to sell, and we won’t pressure you. Should you decide to sell to us, however, you’ll avoid the hassle and expense of working with a realtor.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Home Repairs
We buy houses in as-is condition. That means you won’t need to pay for repairs, clean up, or schedule a professional inspection before the sale.
No Commission Fees for Realtors
When we give you an offer to buy your house, the number you see is the amount of cash you’ll get.
You can Stay in Your Home after Closing
When we buy your house, you don’t have to vacate the property immediately. We’ll do our best to work with your schedule.

At Terra Home Solutions, we know how expensive working with a traditional realtor can be. That’s why we do things differently. When you sell your house with us, we make sure as much money as possible goes straight into your hands.

We Buy Houses in Houston, Texas, and Surrounding Areas!

The Secret to Selling Your Home Quickly


When you need to sell your house fast, you can’t afford time-consuming inspections, costly repairs, and expensive realtor commissions. We give you an offer within 24 hours and can close on your sale within days. We buy houses in Houston, Texas, and throughout the surrounding areas for cash. 

We Buy Homes in Any Condition

We’re interested in buying your home no matter what kind of condition it’s in. You don’t need to spend time and money on repairs, staging, and cleaning, and you don’t need to schedule any inspections. We’re ready to make you an offer for your home in as-is condition.

Fair Market Value for Your Home

So many homeowners go through the traditional real estate process only for it to drag out for months, the deal to fall through, or the real estate agent to take out a hefty chunk of profits in fees. With Terra Home Solutions, you can get an offer for the market value of your home without the normally drawn-out process of a real estate sale.

Sell Fast to a Cash Buyer

Sell your house quickly with our fast closing process. Whether your home is in poor condition with major repairs needed, or brand new, we’ll give you a no obligation offer. There’s less risk of the deal falling through because we pay cash for your home. You can set the closing date around your move out needs. With no hidden fees, no necessary repairs, and a speedy closing process, we buy houses for cash in and around Houston, TX. Our offer price is the top dollar amount we think your house is worth after appraising its condition, so you’ll get a fair offer. Oftentimes, we can offer more money for your home than a real estate agent after repairs and fees are factored in.

Home Sellers’ Best Friend

We’re the best option to get started on a no-hassle home sale in the Houston area. The local market is great for sellers, so reach out to one of our friendly representatives for some basic information of our process.


Compare Your Options

Selling through an agent vs selling to Terra Home Solutions

  • Selling With An Agent

  • Sold to Our Team

Realtor Fees
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency
Up to 15% of sales fall through
Appraisal Needed:
Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal
NONE – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold:
+/- 91 Days
Number of Showings:
It Depends
1 (Just Us)
Closing Date:
30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer
The date of your choice
Who Pays For Repairs?:
Negotiated during the inspection period
NONE – We pay for all repairs

What Do You Have to Lose? Get Started Now!

At Terra Home Solutions, we’re buying houses in the Houston area right now. If you need to sell your house fast, get in touch with our team today! Don’t delay — you might be surprised at what we can offer you for your home.

If you’re ready to get a no-obligation, fair cash offer for your home, reach out to our team today with a few basic details about the house you need to sell. We can buy your Houston house within a matter of days and get you the cash you need fast.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.
1. Are you buying my house or listing it for sale?
When you sell your home to Terra Home Solutions, we buy your house for cash — we don’t just list it for sale. When you meet with us for your property walkthrough, you’re meeting with the people who will buy your home.
2. How do you determine how much my house is worth?
As real estate experts, we have extensive experience valuating homes and estimating the projected cost of any necessary repairs. We valuate your home just as a traditional appraiser would.
3. Why should I sell without fixing up my home first?
Fixing up your home can be expensive and highly time-consuming, depending on the extent of the necessary repairs. Since you have little control over how quickly contractors work, performing repairs can slow down your sale by weeks or even months. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll recoup your initial investment on any repairs you make. Selling your home without fixing it up first allows you to avoid spending more time and money on a house you’ll be getting rid of anyway.
4. Can you help me avoid foreclosure?
Yes, we can help you avoid foreclosure if you’re behind on your mortgage. We can work with your lender to find the best solution for all involved parties.
5. How long does this take?
The length of our process depends on you. If you fill out our contact form during normal business hours, we do our best to get in touch with you within an hour. We can have an offer in your hands in as little as 24 hours and can close the sale within days. Selling a house literally doesn’t get any faster than this.
6. Why is this better than selling through an Agent?
When you work with a real estate agent, there’s no guarantee on how long it will take your house to sell. You’ll also have to give up approximately 6% of your selling price in realtor fees, plus escrow fees, title fees, and closing costs. When you work with us, you don’t pay any fees, and you can sell your home in just days. Visit our comparison page to learn more.